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Posts in the "Scripts" Category

  • jQuery TOOLS

    jQuery Tools provides some UI addons to the basic jQuery Library. You can create Tabs, Accordions, Tooltips, Overlays and more using this library. The whole library fits in less than 6Kb, so you can replace all the separate libraries you are using for these functionalities by using this library. The library has an easy to […]

  • PHP Quick Profiler – Profile your Code

    Here’s a good looking and functional profiler you can plug into your projects. PQP (PHP Quick Profiler) allows you to profile your code and get information about how much time your script took to execute, the amount of memory used, the files which have been included, errors in your code, queries and any other debug […]

  • Scienta Zend Framework Debug Bar

    Scienta ZF Debugbar is a useful tool to add to your sites running on Zend Framework to get server side information of the page being accessed. It’s quite simple to use – just download the code, place it in your PHP include path and use the following code in your bootstrap file to get the […]

  • Generate data for Database testing

    Image by lilit via Flickr How often have you tested your application on your local machine and had it run properly, but when you deploy it and the database starts getting filled up, you start noticing performance problems? Here’s something you can use to test out your application with databases which are not empty – […]