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  • Some Cool HTML5 Demos to check out.

    Here are some HTML5 experiments and tools which are amazing. If you want to view the actual demos in HTML5 glory, use Google Chrome or Safari. If you’re not yet using a HTML5 enabled browser, I’ve added videos which show you the demo of those sites as well. Link: HTML5 Audio and Canvas Experiments Link: […]

  • Form Magic in HTML5

    Forms are one area in HTML 5 which has got a major overhaul. Some of the tasks which required a fair bit of Javascript to achieve in HTML4 become relatively easier tasks in HTML5. Be warned that since HTML5 is still not finalized, browser implementation of some of the features may take a while to […]

  • HTML5 in brief – Getting Started

    If you’ve been hearing about the buzz about HTML5 and what it is – here’s a brief post and ways to get to know HTML5 better. HTML5 is the latest version which newer HTML and XHTML documents should confirm with. This version of HTML aims at simplifying and overcome issues with the older HTML4 presented. The first […]

  • HTML5 Canvas slides

    Here’s a good set of slides Dmitry Baranovskiy on the HTML5 Canvas tag from one of his presentations. Canvas View more documents from Dmitry Baranovskiy.