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  • Unusual Demand for Cloud Computing Skills

    Internet is moving to the next level through the usage and deployment of cloud based computing. Businesses are more interested in offering efficient systems to handle all aspects of their business including customer servicing. Cloud based technologies are not only cost effective but also efficient. Businesses pay for services as per their utilization and it […]

  • Does Apple’s iCloud Rely on Amazon and Microsoft?

    When Apple announced its cloud service – iCloud, the service expected from people like me apart from the music service included synchronizing email, photos, contacts, files and videos from multiple devices. With the beta version released this August, it was found with the traffic patterns obtained thatiCloud runs on Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon’s Elastic Cloud. […]

  • tree from Stock Photography Zend has launched the Simple Cloud project which allows PHP developers to write Cloud based apps without having to bother about the different cloud based solutions available. This works like an abstraction layer for various cloud solutions like Amazon, Windows Azure, Rackspace Cloud Hosting and a few more. Initially this project […]