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  • 14th February 2012 - By Deeptaman Mukherjee

    Facebook has revolutionized the way relations can be maintained by friends, family members and associates. For businesses, it is useful to promote products through cost-effective means. You can reach customers quickly and manage Facebook profile at a very negligible price. Facebook has offered lots of advantages compared to traditional print, radio and television channels of old days. Now, with Facebook as your promotional tool, you can spend less towards the advertisement and gain more from your publicity campaigns. Let us find the factors that help Facebook in growing strong in its business.

    Facebook has such a compelling power to prove one’s online identity. Individuals have recognized this fact. Businesses have recognized this fact. Individuals find Facebook as an easy to use and easy to connect tool. You can connect with your friends both current and old. You can update all the details happening at your end and at the same time know what is happening with your friends. No matter where they are present in this global village, you can greet and share photos, music and videos. You can re-connect with your old school friends and thus revise relations and can get into those thrilling moments.

    With more than 600 million active users across the world, Facebook offers unique possibility to businesses through ‘pages’. This facility has been utilized by businesses as it helps them reach their customers in less time and also helps them reach the most prospective audience. Businesses have a wide variety of options to promote their products.

    A business can launch an application that brings its services closer to Facebook users. Instead of opening a separate web page, users can get updates from the company they are following. Mobile applications further enhance the visibility and reach of business. As smartphone revolution is transforming the lives of millions of people around the world, timely opportunities are utilized by Facebook by launching free applications to entice users.

    The strong backbone behind the growth of the company is the team members of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg, Chief Executive Officer of Facebook would like to enhance Facebook to make it a better destination for communication and sharing of information. Facebook is still able to attract and retain users because of launch of innovative features all through the past 8 years. The key to the success can be attributed to the innovative and extensive connectivity features. Christopher Cox, Vice President of Product, is successful in bringing a decent interface to users by introducing innovative designs. Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer is successful in her assignment in launching advertising campaigns carrying out day to day operations. With other dedicated team members who are highly talented in their respective domains much in the lines of Google team, Facebook is able to move ahead and withstand stiff competition in this highly competitive social networking arena.

    In addition to advertising and sharing features, Facebook offer games and chatting activities. It has added entertainment, sharing and business. Many mobile phones are also launched through which Facebook can be accessed by pressing a single button. Facebook offers an API for developers which helpthem develop useful applications that can be integrated with websites.

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