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  • 13th February 2012 - By Deeptaman Mukherjee

    Social networking sites are popular not only to get in touch with people but also develop companies. A number of new social networking sites are evolving to entice customers based on various modern themes. Pinterest is one of the niche social networking sites that offer innovative sharing of ideas through images.

    You will be really encouraged to know that there are many people who have similar kind of interests as you do have. You will also get inspiration from someone who is interested in the same kind of things that you are interested. Pinterest is the like-minded people’s club. The social bookmarking site is generating large number of readers to retailers’ sites in a progressive manner. Pinterest is an easy to use creative site. You can share whole lot of your favorite projects through this innovative interface.

    You will not be over-connected or spammed as happens with the majority of social networkingsites. Even though the site is two year old, it is growing at a fast pace. You can express your ideas through pin boards or bulletin boards. A number of categories are available on the website. You can organize and share information through pin boards which are nothing but online bulletin boards. As a member you can access user friendly bookmarking tool, ‘Pin It’. It facilitates you to store bookmarks and other information through online and offline also. You can even download mobile application which facilitates you to access information and share with others.

    As per the survey undertaken by Experian Hitwise, more than 58% of the users on Pinterest are women. There was fourfold increase in traffic in the last quarter of 2011. It has reported more than 7.51 million unique visitors in the month of December, 2011 alone. The site has generated a lot of traffic for retailers. It stands in fifth place in terms of number of visitors sent to apparel retail industry. Pinterest is successful in mobilizing non-tech savvy users. The site is under criticism that most of the users who land on the site are passive users. A majority of active users (influencers) are present on Facebook and Twitter. Interestingly, the members that are glued to Pinterest are not much engaged with other social networking sites. The site widely promotes leisure related topics. It is a great way to find information on wedding, recipe and travel related topics.

    More and more number of visitors is checking Pinterest before visiting the retailer’s websites. It is easy to start your journey with Pinterest. You can share interesting links and images by pinning. These can be repinned by your followers. It is also possible to share these links through Facebook and twitter. After creating your account, you can take advantage of driving traffic to your personal website or site where you sell your products. Most of the referral traffic in the web world is generated through search engines. Out of total search engine traffic, Google occupies 62% followed by Yahoo and Bing.

    As more and more retailers are using social networking sites like Pinterest, trading community should study the impact on their business. Pinterest can be used to promote your business. It can also be used to promote a lifestyle. It can be used as a focus group, as crowdsource and to run contests. It is a great way to inspire your team members in business.

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