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  • 1st February 2012 - By Deeptaman Mukherjee

    An expanding array of people are showing their eagerness in taking part in a major or minor way in the field of social media as its demand (specially professional) in the modern day world is getting recognized plus exposed everywhere. The increasing day to day value of social media is causing a major part of people’s lives to be dedicated to the online social arena. This makes time management an impending problem in their life, which in turn makes their normal paced and well-proportioned life imbalanced. These people are left in dire need for help in constructing an effective 2012 social media schedule exclusively meant for them.

    There are some really easy-to-follow conventional processes to do so.

    Why do You Need Your Chosen Social Network?

    Every once in a while, one needs to stop and think about the various social networks that he/she is participating regularly or vaguely in, because each of these connections surely make their priority felt by consuming a certain amount of time out of one’s life. So, in a world which has already embraced the concept of “time is money”, one cannot afford to keep wasting their time on trashy and pointless social networks. Hence, the first step towards organizing everyone’s social life is carefully analyzing the utility served by the social networks they are attached to and asking their selves the vital question of ‘why’ they should keep using that social network.

    If one merely joins a social network because his/her peers are following it religiously, it only serves boosting his / her ego. So, it’s surely time to think twice about it. Questions like if the social connections are just being used as a path to promote oneself 24/7 also helps one in self-realization. If one really wants to grow into an expert at social media marketing then he / she needs to pay attention to his / her clients / customers to keep their online connections with them alive, for these referrals serve as great future prospects for one’s business.

    The Keyword is “Balance”

    Organizing one’s social calendar for 2012 makes sure that one has the necessary time for treating each and every social connection more or less equally. If the important online connections are left without valuable content on a long term basis they would get irritated and stop providing any kind of support. Thus, the major thing to remember if one wants to avoid such unwanted circumstances is that one needs to find a way to balance their social life perfectly.

    Constant Evaluation of Social Media Schedule

    Every experiment needs trying and testing. After developing a roughly sketched schedule, one should aim towards consistently sticking at it for at least a month straight. At the end of the month he/she should look back and evaluate the schedule to see if it is appropriate or it needs to be tweaked a bit.

    A perfect social schedule should serve these following purposes -

    • The requirements of one’s social communities are amply met.
    • All the essential goals are accomplished.
    • One’s individual business and work style is satisfied.

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