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  • 24th January 2012 - By Deeptaman Mukherjee

    Google+ is growing everyday both in number of users and enhancement of features. As you spend more time on Google+, there is no doubt that you will fall in love with it. Soon, you will also realize the quality of discussions that you can achieve through Google+. Let us check how we can create Focus Groups and create thrust to sell your products and services.

    You can take reasonable advantage through circles in Google+ which cannot be achieved through Facebook or Twitter. Mere creation of a circle for focus group will not serve the purpose. You should have an objective behind the creation of a group. You should focus on the objective to achieve the same by all means. The participants in focus group should actively discuss the pros and cons of the theme presented by you. Quite naturally, you might want to know whom to bring-in to this circle. The focus group may consist of your ardent fans or prominent customers. Their unbiased feedback, comments, suggestions and for that matter, any other ‘think out of the box’ thought will definitely help you bring useful insight after the entire exercise.

    Sometimes you may want to induce your visitors to participate in focus groups in a big way. Offering your valuable professional consultancy service free of cost for the members of focus group for a limited number of days or sale of product or service at heavily discounted price will help you reward participating members. The premium service offered by you will give you back many times of your investment. This is a great opportunity to know the current status of your blog or business and to shape its destiny. As you are prepared with a set of queries, you can share the same with the participating members one by one. It will be a remarkable revelation to you when you get a feedback that a particular user-friendly feature made visitors to stay and learn on your site.

    The discussion goes in the ambience where the members are free to share their likes and dislikes of your presentation. They will share what kind of features or topics they are expecting and what feature will help them to introduce many new visitors to your blog.

    Another important aspect in the formation of focus group is the restriction of the number of members in a group. Ten to twelve members will better serve the purpose. You can ask your members to respond in as many numbers of words they want without placing any restriction. You will be able to compile more information by not narrowing down your answers to simple yes or no. After successful engagement with your focus group, you will be able to get vast information on various aspects. You will get to know how new visitors are coming to your site. You will know what kind of keywords they are using to know about articles of their interest. You will know what kind of mobiles they are using and how much percentage of your visitors are depending on mobile phones to access content on your blog. You will know what kind of browsers visitors are using, what operating system they are using, what other familiar blogs they are following, what social media they are participating, what kind of niche possibilities are there as per their guess, how your blog impacted their lives, their social and family background, their profession, etc.

    All the above information will help you dig deep into the process to renovate your site to attract more visitors from all corners and thus grow more in business.

    If you think otherwise, let us know.

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