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  • 23rd January 2012 - By Deeptaman Mukherjee

    Internet is moving to the next level through the usage and deployment of cloud based computing. Businesses are more interested in offering efficient systems to handle all aspects of their business including customer servicing. Cloud based technologies are not only cost effective but also efficient. Businesses pay for services as per their utilization and it is like pay as you go scheme. It is possible to scale up and scale down their utilization of services by themselves and not depending on the service provider as was the case with traditional system. Cloud based technologies are highly successful with Amazon and Google.

    Let us find how these skills have created demand for employment globally.

    The demand for cloud computing is growing at the rate of 61% annually. In many instances the job offer placed on various online sourcing platforms has to be extended beyond 44 days which is the average display time for any job. Cloud based technologies will move businesses to the next level. Hence deployment of cloud based technologies and personnel to look after to deal with cloud based technologies are need of the hour. There are companies like HP that have launched courses to train up candidates to fill this gap. It is also important to engage competent personnel so that the services will not be disturbed for businesses.

    For businesses, cloud computing will cut down their expenditure and for users it will simplify their lives. The beauty of cloud computing is its offer to utilize services as and when required and in the amounts a business can utilize. Thus, for a business it is an attractive choice. As a matter of fact, cloud is a set of hardware, software, services, storage and interfaces. This total set offers integrated services to your enterprise virtually located somewhere and running on round the clock basis. Small businesses can cut down their cost as they cannot afford to manage dedicated infrastructure and man power to achieve a very high level of service that can be offered on round the clock basis.

    Growing and big businesses also can manage these services offered by third parties by involving a team of professionals who will look after the deployment and management of cloud computing services. Businesses can save substantially as they can pay only to the volume of services they are utilizing and not on a fixed basis. The companies that are providing cloud based services should gain the trust of potential clients by being able to address various security and privacy issues.

    As more and more awareness is created about cloud computing among the business community, the demand raised high for people possessed with these skills. It is apparent that there is a huge gap between the available number of cloud based positions and the competent personnel available in the market. The recent boom in this direction has added fuel to the fire. Recruitment of candidates for Cloud computing is a complex task as the requirements change from one business to another business and from one location to another location.

    The skills are expected not only from IT experts but also from professionals from other domains such as customer support, sales and marketing. In fact, the demand for candidates possessing cloud computing skills is more from other than IT domain. In spite of all around efforts to recruit through various online and offline sources, the gap may still widen as the requirement of professionals is increasing at 70% every year. As an alternative, companies may come up to the point of recruiting and training them up as per their requirements.

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