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  • 18th January 2012 - By Deeptaman Mukherjee

    The area of social media marketing is rife with the jostling of the top contenders and the start up of social media sites. Technological advancement in this sector is influenced by the competitive features introduced by the other sites and more importantly, by popular demands put forth by different sections of the web audience. Google+ is comparatively quite new in the social media sector; however, it had a running start and has been going strong with continuous advanced features introduced and the site on constant modification to be at par with the other close competitions (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blokube, Digg etc.).
    The most recent direction of developments on Google+ has been towards orienting the service to be better compatible to business profiles and promotions. Here is a detailed look at the course of the progress -

    Google+ is Merging Social Media with Power of Search

    The fact that Google backs Google+ plays a huge role in the development of the social media site as a unique factor for consideration in search engine ranking. However, this is not just true for Google+. Twitter has also collaborated with Google in this regards. Therefore, if you are persistent with your twitter handle, your relevant tweets will also be accounted during search indexing by Google. Facebook is in collaboration with Microsoft Bing, for this very criterion. However, the impact of search engine ranking on businesses makes this criterion a near major necessity in their choice of social platform. It is true that Google+ has targeted business profiles, especially as an endeavor to trump Facebook with their business fan pages features. To aid this approach, Google+ has introduced multi member circles, business profile pages, and related badges that you can link back to the official website of your company.

    Direct Impact of Google+ on Businesses pertaining to Social Media Marketing

    The very reason for social media marketing is to garner web audience exposure. While popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter are extremely progressive when it comes to networking, they are in some ways lacking concerning search engine optimization. Twitter collaborates with Google, but Twitter collects seemingly low percentage of the total traffic statistics on the social media sites.

    Google is multi dimensional. The many sub aspects of the search engine giant (Orkut, Picasa, Google wave etc.), encompass a lot of target traffic and from varying fields. However, all of these aspects have failed to cultivate the stature of online presence, which the recent boom in social media marketing has experienced.

    Google+ is a direct contender in this particular field. Due to its late arrival, it has some grounds to cover still in terms of a social media top site. However, in collaboration with Google Adwords; it has definitely solidified its position as the social media site connected with collection of organic traffic to your business site. This is precisely the reason why Google+has come up with the barrage of new features to entice businesses to start up profile pages on the site.

    The only significant disadvantage in this regards is the site’s inattention towards identity verification when businesses sign up for pages. As a result, almost anyone can open up a business page for individual company, regardless of their relation to that particular company. The site is also advancing on the features that will let business pages include multiple members in a group conversation (Google+ circle). In retrospect, collecting +1s on your business profile page on Google+, will amount to a noticeable increase in organic traffic to your site and directly reflect on your site’s position on the SERPs.

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