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  • 9th January 2012 - By Deeptaman Mukherjee

    When Apple announced its cloud serviceiCloud, the service expected from people like me apart from the music service included synchronizing email, photos, contacts, files and videos from multiple devices. With the beta version released this August, it was found with the traffic patterns obtained thatiCloud runs on Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon’s Elastic Cloud.

    UK newspaper, The Register sources close to Microsoft, this week confirmed the rumors that circulated during the month of June where customer’s data were being striped between the pair. By the process of striping, the data accessing speed is increased and there is no need to rely on a single device or service. Sources say, that, in order to reduce the risk of depending on one single supplier, Apple has selected two providers since it already suffered from unpleasant online services from a single external service provider. It has to be noted that the level of maturity and services differ a lot when a comparison is done between Amazon and Microsoft.

    A cost of approximately $1 billion would be required to build the infrastructure of cloud services. At present, Apple doesn’t have a bunch of high speed and high density servers. However, with a massive data center under construction in North Carolina, that is worth $500 million, a part of the cloud service could be taken over here. Still it surprises me, why Amazon and Microsoft are apparently mum on this subject.

    In the present scenario, Apple’s technology is not well suited for a cloud type system. It is flexibility and provisioning that separates ‘Cloud’ from a just of bunch of servers. For instance, if you take a normal server host, you can get a server in a fairly short order, in case you need a bunch, you’ll have to wait for some time till the hardwares are ordered and you have to pay regardless of usage. With Amazon’s Elastic Cloud server is available in minutes and you have the option to pay more based on usage since idle resources don’t have to take up resources. Now, this is possible because it is all virtual.

    They may even fix it since there was a time when they liked AIX or they may even build a data centre with someone else`s technology. This will take a lot of time and only Microsoft and Amazon are the big ones which can deliver it. So, this can be a reason for them to use Microsoft and Amazon.

    Another possibility is that using AWS and Azure, they can develop a CDN (content-delivery network) since it has already used Akamai and Limelight as CDN’s in the past. This allows developers to deliver high-bandwidth content more quickly and efficiently by placing delivery points closer to users; this will essentially speed up all sorts of data transfer that go through their CDN.

    When Microsoft was questioned regarding this, they replied stating that they don’t reveal the customer details. But, when it comes to ‘Cloud’ privacy is always in question. Sometimes, it baffles me where I think that since Apple runs on beta version currently and the service appears to only run in iMessage on Azure; is Apple still deciding its host platform?

    Let us know, if you think differently.

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