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  • 29th June 2010 - By Vinu Thomas

    Here’s something in the making, a PHP extension which caches MySQL queries irrespective of the extension being used. It’s a plugin for mysqlnd, the native MySQL driver for PHP called  mysqlnd_qc. This currently requires PHP 5.3.3-dev which is still in development.

    The extension allows caching buffered queries through mysql_query and mysqli_query. It allows cache-invalidation though TTL or a user defined callback. This extension is still in the protoype stage right now and will evolve as the project progresses.

    The Query Cache is implemented as a PHP extension. It is written in C and operates “under the hood” of PHP. During the start up of the PHP interpreter it gets registered as a mysqlnd plugin to replaces selected mysqlnd methods.

    At PHP run time it proxies queries send from mysqlnd/PHP to the MySQL server. If a query string starts with the SQL hint (/*qc=on*/) to enable caching of it and the query is not cached (Cache miss), the query cache plugin will record the raw wire protocol data send from MySQL to PHP to answer the query. The query cache records the wire protocol data in its cache medium and replays it, if still valid, on a cache hit.

    Note that the query cache does not hold decoded result sets consisting of zvals (C struct representing a PHP variable). It stores the raw wire data of the MySQL client server protocol. In case of a cache hits, mysqlnd still needs to decode the cached raw wire data into PHP variables before passing the result to the user space. This approach has one major advantage: simplicity.

    You can get more information and installation instructions over at the MySQLND Query Cache Project page at Mysql Forge.

    Check out this slide which gives you more information about this extension:

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