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  • 11th December 2008 - By Vinu Thomas

    I just came across this S60 freeware today which allows me to manage my wordpress blog on my E71. Wordmobi is a Python app which can be used to perform the following tasks on the blog:

    • Create and publish new posts (with basic HTML formatting)
    • Include¬† images from the phone or a remote URL into the posts
    • View and approve comments on the posts
    • Delete Posts

    Before going and installting WordMobi, you’ll have to install Python for S60 from

    After you install Python, you can go ahead download the latest version and install WordMobi. Before you can start¬† managing your blog, you’ll have to setup the app with your wordpress details. Here’s how to do that:

    Open WordMobi, select your access point then click on Options > Settings > Blog Access

    wordmobi blog access settings

    Once in the blog access screen, you’ll have to enter the following information:

    • URL to your WordPress blog. For my blog, I entered:
    • Username – the administration username you use to login to your blog
    • Password
    • The number of recent posts you would like to download
    • The number of recent comments to download

    setting wordmobi details

    Once your settings are in, all you need to do is to update the posts, and you’ll get the recent posts down into your phone for you to edit.To update the posts, select Options>Posts>Update

    Posts in WordMobi

    This app should work on any S60 3rd Edition phones like the E71 orN95 (according to the WordMobi Site). If you get this working on other phones, do let me know. Also if you can’t seem to connect using this, see if your xmlrpc.php file is accessible on your blog url ( For me this file was disallowed on the server because the server I’m on had some wierd restriction placed on the xmlrpc file.

    Links: WordMobi Project Site, WordMobi download, Python for S60 download

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  • 3 Comments to “WordPress blogging on a S60 Phone”

    • Dipankar Sarkar on December 30, 2008

      Cool, will try this out on my e61i if there is a version available for it ….

    • Thejesh GN on January 21, 2009

      WordMobiis one of 30 softwares I use on e61i. Its pretty good. Do you know any good dictionaries?

    • vinu on January 22, 2009

      Nope – I haven’t used any dictionaries on the phone yet.

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