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  • 22nd October 2008 - By Vinu Thomas

    Looking for some good looking graphs without having to pay for a library or resort to Flash graphs? Try creating your own using pChart. pChart is a PHP class oriented framework designed to create aliased charts. This project focuses on allowing developers to generate great looking graphs by increasing rendering quality introducing an aliasing algorithm.

    The graphs from pChart are generated using GD library, so you’ll need that installed on your server if you’re planning to use this library.

    The documentation does mention that creating real time graphs will be pretty CPU intensive so you may want to look at caching or pre-generating the graphs. To help you with this, the pChart framework also comes with pCache which helps in caching graphs – so you don’t have to keep rendering graphs on the fly. To get to know more on pChart and how to use it, head over to their documentation page. For a look at the graphs you can generate using this library, take a look at the chart gallery.

    Link: pChart Project Home Page

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  • 8 Comments to “pChart – PHP charting library”

    • Kevin on October 22, 2008

      I used that in a customer project, its a simple to use PHP API.

      For small charts, you could use the Google Chart API instead, but a lot of people more like to use self-hosted solutions, so pChart i your friend ;)

      libChart is another PHP solution:

    • dave on October 23, 2008

      there is a graphing library in pear, image_graph
      as well as jpgraph,
      both are object oriented libraries

      i think there’s also one in pecl, gdchart, but i’m not sure how well that one is maintained

      so there seems to be an abundance of choice for php developers

    • vinu on October 23, 2008

      @dave and @kevin Thanks for the links – I’ve tried most of the options in the past, but was not too happy with the quality of the graphs.

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    • Philipp on October 23, 2008

      Thank you. Looks promising

    • Moises on December 9, 2008

      I use now another method. I prefer to send the data and create the graphic in the client with Javascript. Have you seen Flot?

    • vinu on December 10, 2008

      Thankyou Moises – Flot looks pretty good.

    • Les on October 22, 2009

      The only problem as I recall with libChart is that they insist on putting their own banner on your charts, which is a right turn off…

      That’s like someone watching over you whilst your doing the business :(

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