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  • 1st May 2008 - By Vinu Thomas

    Magento is an ecommerce platform on PHP which is quite feature rich. This platform is based on the Zend Framework. You can take a look at a Magento store and the admin demo over at their demo section. Some of the notable features of this platform are:

    • Analytics and reports – integration with Google Analytics, RSS feeds on Orders and feedback, Sales reports
    • Catalog Management & Browsing
    • Customer Accounts – with order status, default addresses, wishlists and dashboard
    • Order Management – edit, create and fullfill orders, print invoice and packing slips
    • Payments – Integration with Paypal, Google Checkout and; Accept purchase orders, cheques and money order.
    • SEO Optimizations – url rewrites, Google Sitemaps and more

    The minimum system requirements for getting onto Magento is PHP 5.2.1with a few mandatory extensions and MySQL 4.1.

    Magento Home
    Store and Admin Demo

  • 8 Comments to “Magento – Open Source Ecommerce”

    • Stefan on May 1, 2008

      I am soon starting with a Magento project for a client and have been digging into Magento for that reason. It looks like a great app that will blow osCommerce off the market, but the lack of developer docs is a big problem. I hope the upcoming php|a book will help with that :)

    • vinu on May 1, 2008

      Let me know how the Magento Project goes for you. Yep this project does looks much better and easier to use than osCommerce.

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    • Andrew Smith on May 1, 2008

      Version 1.0 was only recently on 1 April, and a few months ago Magento didn’t exist at all. They’ve come a long way incredibly quickly, and I’m sure the developer docs will catch up in time.

      There are 15,000 registered members on the forums and groups, growing at about 100 per day, so the amount of community generated content is growing quickly.

    • Ivo on May 1, 2008

      Note that it is based on Zend Framework, not on Zend Platform (the application server). It does run very well on the latter though.

    • Stefan on May 1, 2008

      Vinu: I will probably post something on Magento myself as I’ve worked with it a bit

      Andrew: Yes, you’d expect with such a large community that a lot is coming, yet the community wasn’t even able to answer a few simple questions so far. So for now, I will have to wait and see if the community will actually generate some usable content.

    • vinu on May 2, 2008

      Ivo, thanks for catching my mistake… I’ve made the correction in the post :)

    • wenbert on May 2, 2008

      I am a big fan of Zend Framework. I will be trying out Magento for freelance projects soon. I hope customization won’t be that hard.

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