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  • 23rd April 2007 - By Vinu Thomas

    Finally an open source PHP compiler ! Roadsend was perviously available as a commerical compiler for PHP with prices starting from $129. They seem to have shifted to the OSS model recently, giving free professional licence to their older compiler while they’re working on releasing the precompiled versions of their open source code base.

    They currently have the PHP compiler binaries for the following Linux varients – Ubuntu, Debain and Gentoo.

    [added] The compiler works only with PHP 4 code as of now.

    Roadsend PHP Compiler is an open source, native compiler for the PHP language. It compiles PHP source code to stand alone, native binaries which do not require an interpreter. Roadsend Compiler can build online web applications with Fast/CGI, offline web applications with an embedded web server (MicroServer), desktop GUI applications with PHP-GTK, and console applications. It is available on Linux, Windows, and FreeBSD.

    Link: Roadsend
    Link: Roadsend PHP Compiler Community Site

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    • Ashesh on May 17, 2007

      Ah, I was really happy to have come across this, as I wasn’t aware of this news.

      Though its a pity that its not yet available for FC 6/5. :(

    • vinu on May 17, 2007

      You could try compiling from sources for FC 5/6 :)
      The source code snapshots are available at

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